Splice Machine Partners with Heirloom Computing to Modernize Mission-Critical Mainframe Applications

February 5th, 2020

Partnership enables modernization of legacy applications to cloud-native targets with new data sources and injection of AI and machine learning, without rewriting them

San Francisco, Calif. – February 5, 2020 – Splice Machine, a provider of a scalable SQL database that enables companies to modernize their legacy and custom applications to be agile, data-rich, and intelligent, today announced a new partnership with Heirloom Computing to enable enterprises to modernize legacy, mission-critical, mainframe applications with Splice Machine’s intelligent SQL database. Businesses will benefit by at least an order of magnitude, from reengineering applications by hand, to refactoring at compiler-speed to an agile Java ecosystem on a modern data platform. In addition, enterprises will gain access to powerful new functionality by running their applications on the Splice Machine platform, such as leveraging real-time and historical data in analytics and injecting AI and machine learning into their applications.

For decades, mission-critical mainframe applications have anchored the banking, insurance, healthcare, and retail industries, as well as the public sector, all of which require heavy-duty, low latency transaction processing, where downtime would be extremely costly and unacceptable. But mainframe applications are being left behind as businesses strive to transform using distributed computing and public clouds. In large part, this is due to the perception that it’s overwhelming, even impossible, to modernize a mainframe application.

“The perception that mainframes can’t be modernized is outdated and misguided,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine. “With Heirloom Computing’s cloud-native refactoring solution combined with migration to our scale-out SQL database, the barriers to mainframe modernization are broken down, resulting in reduced costs, increased business agility and entirely new business outcomes through the infusion of AI and machine learning.”

Heirloom® automatically refactors mainframe applications so they execute on any cloud, while preserving critical business logic, user-interfaces, data integrity, and systems security. Replatforming is a fast and accurate compiler-based approach that delivers strategic value through creation of modern agile applications that utilize an open industry-standard deployment model that is cloud-native.

“After decades of working with customers to first build – and now refactor – mainframe applications, we have now reached a tipping point where the benefits of refactoring are essentially business-centric and not solely technical,” said Gary Crook, president and CEO of Heirloom Computing. “The partnership with Splice Machine gives those enterprises that have been on the fence about moving off the mainframe yet another compelling reason to act. Splice Machine’s unique combination of scale-out, SQL and in-database machine learning will help breathe new life and intelligence into their prized mainframe applications.”

Heirloom, in combination with Splice Machine, offers enterprises the fastest way to modernize mainframe applications, enabling them to scale out on commodity hardware and leverage more modern, analytical techniques using an intelligent, SQL platform with in-database AI and machine learning.