Monolithic to Microservices in 60 Seconds

Beyond migration, Heirloom delivers incredible application agility. Existing application interfaces (such as CICS transactions) are automatically exposed as REST APIs, which means they can be easily consumed by other applications.

Got 60 seconds? Watch the video to see how easy it is to create microservices from CICS transactions.

See For Yourself

You can download the Solution Brief or review some of our Case Studies along with customer testimonials.



Migration with Heirloom automatically replatforms online and batch mainframe applications so they can be deployed to any industry-standard Java Application Server on any cloud. This means the applications are no longer constrained by hardware that scales vertically and instead can immediately benefit from dynamic horizontal scaling of production workloads.

Migrate & Extend

Once your application is migrated to the JVM, you can now exploit the agility of the Java ecosystem by extending your application with powerful open-source application frameworks like Angular, Play & Spring. And you can utilize modern tooling to optimize your DevOps chain and deliver higher-quality products faster, with open-source tools such as Eclipse, Gradle, Jenkins & SonarQube.

Language Coherence

Continue application development using your existing application source and/or implement new functionality using the Java code produced by Heirloom's compilers. As measured by SonarQube with the standard configuration, Heirloom applications earn "A" ratings across all major code quality aspects (Reliability, Security & Maintainability).


Heirloom Computing works with industry-leading Global Systems Integrators and Cloud Service Providers to deliver comprehensive application modernization projects for our Global 2000 clients.

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